Traci + Trevor – Silence is Golden . . .

Know that feeling when you see someone you’re not really expecting to see in that specific place?  Does it sometimes leave you speechless?

That’s what happened to Traci.

Trevor says it was actually about 2 minutes of silence.  A full 2 minutes!

She was very shocked to see him in Denver.  He was supposed to be in Lincoln.
This was her ‘girls-only’ Independence Day get-a-way with a friend from college. But as she waited at a park for another friend to show up, she heard someone call her name.  When she turned around, there he was.  All dressed up, down on one knee.  And yes, she was speechless.

You probably already know the rest…. the ring went on her finger and she did eventually say ‘yes.’ Fast forward a year or so and it was time for the Traci and Trevor’s big day. You can hear them tell this story – and more stories – in their Wedding Movie above!