Kacie+Logan – Hunting for deer or a wife?…

Here in Nebraska, it is a natural occurrence for men (and women!) to go deer hunting.

Well it was finally time to go home on that fall weekend that Logan was looking forward to – but not for the reasons that you might think.  Was there going to be a deer in his sights?

Or something else?

Kacie and Logan woke up early that morning to put on their camo, grab the ammo, and get out in the field.  Once they arrived, Kacie was in charge of looking through the binoculars – Logan says he doesn’t have the best eyesight…

As she scopes out the deer trails in the distance looking for some movment, or maybe even
some antlers, Logan asks about some sort of sign he sees way off yonder.  Kacie adjusts her binoculars to see it, while Logan gets down on one knee.

Can you guess what happens next?

It’s all part of their Wedding Movie (see it here!) that Kacie and Logan shared with their family and friends at their wedding reception.

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