Here are the most common questions we get about our Wedding Movies.

Of course! You can check out our testimonials. Or, we can connect you with a past bride.

Absolutely. We have over 100 full-length Wedding Movies you can view. See our most recent Wedding Movies »

No. Not at all. In fact, we encourage you to share it as much as you want. Post the link on your social media sites, send it via email, embed your wedding movie on your own site. We want your story to be out in the world for others to see and, of course, the more you share, the more times our phone rings so we can keep producing the Wedding Movies we love so much.

This is one of the perks our brides love best. When you work with us you don’t have to wait weeks and sometimes even months to get your hands on your wedding movie. We’re night owls so we get to work just as you’re pulling up to your honeymoon suite, which means that you’ll be able to watch it online the very next day.

All you have to do is check your email the following morning (before you open your gifts!) and your Wedding Movie will be waiting. A couple of weeks later we’ll send you 4 sets of BluRay/DVDs in custom-designed and printed cases.  They will have both versions of your Wedding Movie - the original version we showed at the reception, and a version with the two of you watching at the reception. We normally ship by UPS, and we'll include any photos that you provided for use in your Wedding Movie. We also update our website with the new version of your Wedding Movie! Sometimes, as you’ll see, watching the bride and groom’s reactions is the best part!

On the day of your wedding, our crew will arrive early enough to capture those fun "getting ready" shots. Brides often tell us that they didn't even realize we were there - and that's a great compliment! We try to stay in the background while doing what we need to do.

While we're shooting, we're also editing as the day progresses. At the ceremony, we again try to be as discreet as possible, paying close attention to any special rules of the ceremony venue. Then, as the two of you kiss and drive away, we begin the final edit, adding in ceremony highlights to complete your Wedding Movie. Depending on the location of the reception (and the weather), we may edit in our vehicle, or inside the venue. When the Wedding Movie is ready to play - usually after the toasts and just before the dance - we'll make sure you have front row seats - and we'll capture your reaction.

We shoot everything in High Definition - and we play your Wedding Movie in HD at your reception too! The online version is HD, and you’ll receive the final versions on BluRay, DVD, and on a USB drive!

We’ll provide the projector and the big screen. There’s no challenge too big for us either: we’ve shown wedding movies on the sides of barns, outside, and under tents.

However, if your wedding venue offers even bigger screens and you’d rather use that, we can work with your venue to get you what you want.

I wish I had a straight answer for that – that would surely make our job easier. The truth is we’re constantly upgrading and updating our equipment inventory to make sure we’re using what’s best for weddings. We need equipment that can be adjusted quickly for changing conditions. For example, we may go from a bright dressing room, to a dimly lit hallway, to a sunny outdoor patio…all in a matter of minutes. We need to be ready for everything so we choose equipment that can handle that - and still give us reliability and great quality.

We will work with you to choose the best music for you. Something you'll still love when you watch your Wedding Movie on your 10th Anniversary. Heck, even your 50th Anniversary!

Have you ever heard of “Wedding U”? It’s where we train our wedding storytellers each year. It’s intensive hands-on and classroom training designed to make sure you only work with the best of the best. This is your special day so we don’t want any funny business. We train our 2-person teams to be accessible but also invisible so that you can communicate with them if you want to but nobody else will even know they’re there. Our storytellers have become so good at being invisible that one bride said, “I was afraid there wasn’t going to be a movie.” She was blown away at her team’s ability to capture even the most special moments without getting in the way.

It takes place in our studio at 233 North Main Street West Point, NE 68788.

This is just about the most fun you’ll ever have. Imagine this…a truly captive audience that wants nothing more than for you to provide every last detail on how you met, when you fell in love, how you got engaged and more. Seriously, you spill the beans and we listen.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You bring your photos (if they’re ready) and we’ll discuss your music preferences.
  2. We’ll confirm all of the nitty gritty details about your wedding so we know where we need to be and when. We’ll also talk about your reception timeline, the kind of equipment we need to bring, and anything else we need to know to ensure we deliver the best wedding movie experience possible.
  3. Then we’ll interview each of you. We’ll talk about how you met, why you fell in love…you know, the good stuff. We’ll talk to you together as well. The interview is almost as much fun as watching the final product!

The meeting should be scheduled just a few months before your wedding. And, because we use a green screen for the interviews, I would not wear green. If you do, your body will disappear and well, that would just look weird.

We know how important this day is. We also know how much weddings cost. That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with options that fit any budget.  You can find out all about our Wedding Movie packages »

It’s as easy as can be. Just start here and we’ll walk you through our simple process step-by-step.

We aren’t videographers. In fact, that word makes us kind of crazy. We’re Wedding Movie producers and we take that title very seriously. That means when you partner with us you get more than just some pics and clips edited together. You get a genuine movie of your love story. And the best part, you’ll get to share your Wedding Movie with all of your friends and family DURING the reception. That’s some serious customer service, right?  The movie will give you chills. There won’t be a dry eye in the room. And all of your soon-to-be bride friends will be asking you how you did it. Well, at least we hope so.

It varies, but we normally play the Wedding Movie right after the toasts. That's a great time because that's usually about the time
when the last plate of food has just gone out and everyone is still seated. It also normally gives us the time we need after the ceremony to work our magic and get everything edited just right. Plus it makes a nice transition into your first dance as husband and wife!