Destination Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

We’re so excited that you’re interested in our Destination Wedding Movie Packages. We have 3 options and we hope one is the perfect fit for you.


Option 1

Stow Us in Your Suitcase

With this option we travel* to your destination and work our magic to capture every last bit of awesome. A couple days before the ceremony we’ll interview you at a meaningful spot of your choosing to learn about how you met, your first date, when and where you fell in love, and of course, the big proposal. We’ll use the music and photos you’ve chosen to create a story fit for the big screen. Then, on the wedding day, we’ll be there to capture everything from the getting ready moments to the first kiss as husband and wife.

When it’s all over but the cake, we’ll use our mad skills to edit it into the Wedding Movie you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll show it on the big screen to your friends and family at the reception, creating yet another memory you’ll cherish for many years to come.

You’ll be given copies on BluRay and DVD and if you want to watch it again that very night, we’ll give you the link to the streaming version on our website!

Cost: Variable (Includes travel & lodging)

Contact us now to tell us about your big day.
The truth is, we LOVE to travel. (Spend a winter in blustery Nebraska and you’ll see why.) So, if your wedding is in a “Destination” where the average temperature is above 75 degrees, we’ll make it work.
Not kidding!

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Option 2

Send Us YOUR Video, We’ll Add Some Magic

Instead of stowing us away in your suitcase, you’ll come to our studios in West Point, Nebraska for your Wedding Movie meeting and interview. Then using your photos and your favorite music, we’ll blend it all together to tell your fabulous story. Next we’ll put it on a DVD and send it to you so you can show it at your reception. Finally after your wedding day you’ll send us the videos from your wedding and we’ll edit in the highlights, creating an updated version that captures the complete wedding story.

You’ll be given copies on BluRay and DVD and a link to the streaming version on our website!

Cost: $1,597

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Option 3

Director’s Cut

For this option we’ll interview the two of you and then add your photos and music to create a perfect Wedding Movie. We’ll send the finished product to you before the wedding so you can show it during your reception. And we also give you an online version that you can share with friends and family who might not be able to be with you on your wedding day!

We call this our Director’s Cut. Clean, simple and our most economical option.

Cost: Only $1,297

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