Courtney+Ben – Too Much of a Chicken…


It was Ben’s dream to hang out with Courtney.  He knew he liked her. But how to let her know…..

Then Ben had an idea.  Take her to breakfast!

You see, they were both college kids.  And what better way to start a day of learning than with a good hearty breakfast?  So that’s what Ben did.  He told Courtney he would take her to breakfast before his morning class.  And so that’s what he did.

Every morning.

What Ben never told Courtney was that he did not actually have a morning class.
Instead, he just woke up every morning to go to breakfast with Courtney…. and then
went back to his dorm room to get some more sleep before his actual first class.

So why not take her out on a real date?  Guess you’ll have to watch their Wedding Movie to find out!  And you can see more Wedding Movies (and maybe breakfast stories?) right here!