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Meet The Wedding Storytellers Team!

Here at The Wedding Storytellers, we take pride in our highly skilled, creative team. We know that no matter which editor and shooter go out to film and prepare your Wedding Movie, you will always get a professional, beautiful memory to keep forever. To ensure our high standards of quality and service are met, we undergo an annual training session – “Wedding U.

During Wedding U. we tell stories from the past year, share tips for shooting and editing the best Wedding Movies, and train our newest teammates. We also have a little fun, too…

Nothing is more important to us than a smooth, easy, and fun experience for our bride and groom on their wedding day!

Above is a short video we put together during Wedding U. – an introduction of all our wonderful team members. We’re not really used to being in front of the camera, but as you can see, some of us fit right in! 😉

Take a look at the video, and maybe you’ll get a glimpse of the Wedding Movie Team that will be at your wedding!

Carly + Andrew – An ‘Egg-celent” Proposal!

Easter – one of the most joyful days of the year. Grass is growing, bunnies are hopping, eggs are hiding. Family and friends gather together for lots of good food, Easter egg hunts, and, of course, the Sunday afternoon nap!

But for Carly and Andrew, this Easter was a little bit more… memorable. Memorable enough that it made the 10 o’clock news!

After eight years of dating, Andrew decided it was time to throw all his eggs into one basket – literally! He devised one of the most creative Easter proposals we’ve ever seen, and we were lucky enough to be a part of it.

The family planned a unique “partner” Easter egg hunt, where one person is blindfolded and the other guides him or her to their certain color eggs. Naturally, Carly and Andrew were paired together. Their task – find all the pink eggs. Phase one complete.

Phase two gets a little complicated – each of Carly’s eggs contained a word, and she had to guess the word based on clues given by Andrew. For example: “When someone dies, the document they leave behind is a _____” or “The 21st letter of the alphabet is __”
See how this is going?

We caught the whole thing on camera from our super secret hideouts – across the alley from a garage, and through the blinds of a window inside the house! Our favorite part was when Andrew opened up the final egg to reveal to Carly… well, you’ll have to hop on up to the KCAU Channel 9 News Story above to see what she found. 😉

We hope you had a blessed Easter, almost as special as Carly and Andrew’s! We can’t wait to film their big day!