Britanny + Brett – He was kind of annoying…

Britanny really never paid any mind to Brett in high school. In fact, we have a direct quote from her claiming she “kind of hated him.” (Sorry, Britanny, we have it all on video!)

To a freshman like Britanny, Brett was just the annoying senior at one act practice, always on his phone and never paying any attention. Apparently, all the two needed was a little time!

Fast forward to after graduation when Brett was out of college, back on the farm, and Britanny was working at the bar on main street. Her “hatred” quickly turned into a pretty big crush. The two started spending more time together… and the rest is history.

Click on the video above to see the rest of their unique story – keep an eye out for Brett’s Valentine’s Day proposal. He definitely kept Britanny on her toes!

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