Meet The Wedding Storytellers Team!

Here at The Wedding Storytellers, we take pride in our highly skilled, creative team. We know that no matter which editor and shooter go out to film and prepare your Wedding Movie, you will always get a professional, beautiful memory to keep forever. To ensure our high standards of quality and service are met, we undergo an annual training session – “Wedding U.

During Wedding U. we tell stories from the past year, share tips for shooting and editing the best Wedding Movies, and train our newest teammates. We also have a little fun, too…

Nothing is more important to us than a smooth, easy, and fun experience for our bride and groom on their wedding day!

Above is a short video we put together during Wedding U. – an introduction of all our wonderful team members. We’re not really used to being in front of the camera, but as you can see, some of us fit right in! 😉

Take a look at the video, and maybe you’ll get a glimpse of the Wedding Movie Team that will be at your wedding!

Kylee + Nick – The First Look

One of the best parts of our job is getting to see the looks on the bride and groom’s faces when they see the best highlights from their wedding day – at their reception.

A personal favorite is the first look. The whole first part of the day has been building up to this point – the groom gets to see what his bride has been working on for hours, while the bride gets to see… well, she gets to see him in the tux that took about 10 minutes to get on, but either way, it’s a special moment!

For many couples, it’s the moment that the reality of the day really sets in, and we’re right there with our cameras to capture all the emotion.

Kylee and Nick had a beautiful wedding day, and the love they have for each other can be seen in their first look. Check out this and more of their Wedding Day highlights in a portion of their Wedding Movie above.

Thank you, Kylee and Nick, for letting us join in your special day, full of laughs, good people, and selfie sticks!

Staci + Dustin – The “Sketchy Road” to Love

Staci and Dustin’s love story began like most do: Staci caught Dustin’s eye.

But instead of the usual “Nice to meet you,” he employed the wing man tactic. When Staci caught wind that there was a road guy looking to meet her… well, needless to say, she was a bit wary. Those road guys are “sketchy.”

At the bar where she was supposed to meet him, she and her friends couldn’t even read his name on the sign in book, since his handwriting was so bad. “All part of the plan.” says Dustin. Sure.

After a few drinks, dancing, and karaoke, the two hit it off. Dustin took a long shot by proposing with a gun… I mean, a ring. A ring. And a gun. Either way, it triggered an engagement (triggered, get it?) and the rest is history.

Congratulations to Staci and Dustin, and thank you for letting us capture your special day!

Denice + Larry – 10 Years Later

Usually, when couples come to The Wedding Storytellers asking for a Wedding Movie, they’re getting married. For the first time, as a couple.

Sometimes, however, we get different requests. For example, we get asked to film many proposals, such as the Easter proposal, or the hunting proposal. Denice and Larry came asking for something wholly unique and special.

This amazing couple got married 10 years ago, but not in the way we at The Wedding Storytellers are used to. No big celebration, no guests, and not even a Wedding Movie.

But they had always dreamed of having that special wedding. So, 2 years ago, Larry planned the perfect proposal, and decided to make it happen.

This Wedding Movie is special because it’s us doing what we do best: telling the story of how two people met and fell in love. We are so thankful that Denice and Larry valued their marriage so much that they wanted to celebrate it a second time, this time including us!

Besides, what better way to celebrate your 10 year anniversary than getting married again?

Meganne + Evan – Welcome to Omaha!

“I love group projects!” isn’t something you’d be likely to hear in a college classroom, especially when your partner shows up completely unprepared. Like, he didn’t even know he was your partner. That’s why when Meganne found out she could still have a good time working with Evan, she knew she’d found something special.

Eventually, both students had internships in Omaha. So Evan thought he’d be nice and “welcome Meganne to Omaha.” Nice move, Evan.

The evening of their date/not date/welcoming party(?) was spent with fun conversation, good food, and margaritas. Meganne remembers how “nerdy” it was, since Evan brought along a map of Omaha to highlight the best places to go. But that’s just him being “a nice guy.” (nerdy)

The next stop that night was Scheels – very romantic – and the large ferris wheel caught Meganne’s eye. Thanks to the happy hour, she was very willing to give it a try, and somehow the couple got stuck at the very top.

What better time for their first kiss? Apparently, it was a date.

Be sure to watch the rest of this happy couple’s story in their Wedding Movie above, or click here! to watch more first date stories!

Erin + Andrew – Like a Good Neighboor…

State Farm Insurance is known for it’s neighborly business method – they treat their clients like family, and really want to get to know them. Well, at least Erin really wanted to get to know Andrew as soon as he stepped foot into State Farm, and she became his insurance agent.

Erin, from State Farm, at 2 in the morning? WHO IS THIS?
It’s Erin. From State Farm.

After Andrew got a hand written card from Erin thanking him for choosing State Farm, he knew it was real. That was definitely personal – it’s not like she does that for everyone… right?

Well, in either case, Andrew got more than just car insurance that day. With some help from her co workers, Erin promptly accepted his Facebook friend request (“People can be friends with their insurance agents on Facebook”) and the rest is history.

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there… WITH A HUSBAND!

Watch this new family’s wonderful Wedding Movie above, or click here! to see hundreds of others!

Carly + Andrew – An ‘Egg-celent” Proposal!

Easter – one of the most joyful days of the year. Grass is growing, bunnies are hopping, eggs are hiding. Family and friends gather together for lots of good food, Easter egg hunts, and, of course, the Sunday afternoon nap!

But for Carly and Andrew, this Easter was a little bit more… memorable. Memorable enough that it made the 10 o’clock news!

After eight years of dating, Andrew decided it was time to throw all his eggs into one basket – literally! He devised one of the most creative Easter proposals we’ve ever seen, and we were lucky enough to be a part of it.

The family planned a unique “partner” Easter egg hunt, where one person is blindfolded and the other guides him or her to their certain color eggs. Naturally, Carly and Andrew were paired together. Their task – find all the pink eggs. Phase one complete.

Phase two gets a little complicated – each of Carly’s eggs contained a word, and she had to guess the word based on clues given by Andrew. For example: “When someone dies, the document they leave behind is a _____” or “The 21st letter of the alphabet is __”
See how this is going?

We caught the whole thing on camera from our super secret hideouts – across the alley from a garage, and through the blinds of a window inside the house! Our favorite part was when Andrew opened up the final egg to reveal to Carly… well, you’ll have to hop on up to the KCAU Channel 9 News Story above to see what she found. 😉

We hope you had a blessed Easter, almost as special as Carly and Andrew’s! We can’t wait to film their big day!

Marissa+Brandon – I Thought it was a Friend Thing…

Marissa and Brandon never really had a first date… they didn’t really officially establish their relationship for a while, either. This, understandably, led to some confusion.

Brandon met Marissa at one of her first drills in the aviation unit – in the National Guard, by the way, how cool is that?! Anyway, they hit it off. Did we mention they met in the National Guard? That sounds like a movie or something….

Apparently, Brandon thought he had scored himself a relationship long before Marissa was even aware of it. The two went with a group of friends to Colorado, where Brandon was having a great time with his girlfriend, and Marissa was a having a great time with her…. friend. The two shared a bed during the trip, because, of course, it was just a friend thing.

Little did Marissa know, but Brandon was about to drop the L word that night.

Watch their whole Wedding Movie above to see how these two fun-loving friends became husband and wife! To see many other unique stories, click here!

Kayla + Jeremy – Here’s your sign….

He was giving her a sign. Actually several signs. 
Cardboard with writing on them. Actual signs.

Kayla and Jeremy were hiking to the top of a mountain with some friends
and the plan was for Jeremy to go on ahead and get to the top.
Once there, he would hand out several signs to random people who were then
instructed to carry them back down the mountain so that Kayla would see them
as she ascended.

The first few signs she wasn’t quite sure about.  One said “hi.”
The next one said “I love you.”
When she made it closer to the top, she saw one that said “Marry Me” and a
name that she was still too far away to read. She thought, ‘wow, some lucky girl is getting proposed to.’  And then suddenly her name came into focus.

Here’s your sign! Jeremy was down on one knee and the rest is history….

Someone even captured the special moment on video – and you can see it all in
Kayla and Jeremy’s Wedding Movie.  It’s just one of the proposal stories that we get to share every week for Happy Couples all over the place.  Take a look at more of them here!

Jaycee+Ethan – “Knock-out Drag-out fight”

The words Ethan uses to describe his proposal to Jaycee: “A knock-out drag-out fight.”
No joke.
Those are his exact words.

It’s not that she didn’t want to marry him. It was just a little tougher than he thought to get her where she needed to be (the bar!) to actually do the proposing.
Her sisters were nagging her “come to the bar with us.”
Her parents were begging her “go to the bar.”
Eventually her sisters won out and “dragged” her to the bar, where the DJ announced that she had won the Grand Prize from the day’s Poker Run. She made her way up on stage where she was handed her prize, which looked an awful lot like a ringbox. Hmmmmm…

Jaycee and Ethan’s is just one of hundreds of proposal stories that are included in the Wedding Movies we have online, ready to watch here!