A great team!

Don’t these two make a great team?

Talan and Caleb were pretty excited to be the ring bearers at one of our weddings this fall. They did a great job too – even while we captured them on video having some fun with groom Derek (bride Kenzie was in hiding!).

Here’s the deal. We ‘d like to ask you a favor.
You see, we’re growing. And that means we need more people on our team.

Maybe that’s you.  Have you been hiding your creativity inside?  Ready to share it with the world and help us create not just great Wedding Movies… but awesome experiences for our brides and grooms?

Or maybe it’s not you… maybe it’s someone you know.  It would be awesome if you’d just share this with them. Even better, just send them to www.TeamWeddingStorytellers.com.

And in case you’re wondering, exactly who are we looking for?
Storytellers.  Someone with a creative eye.
Do you have to be an expert with a video camera?
No. We can teach you.
Do you have to be energetic and eager to learn?
Absolutely!  But you gotta be willing to have a little fun too.

Oh, one more thing.  Merry Christmas!  And Happy New Year!